about this blog

carpe diem… and the next diem… and the next…

Aging is curious. We’re all doing it.

So far, 60+ years of it for me.

Aging presents opportunities, sometimes brings insights, often raises questions, constantly presents puzzles and offers challenges.

Ponderous? No.
Preposterous, yes!

carpe diem


10 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. Hi Kate,
    Just found you via a comment left on LifeAfterTampons.com. I’ve been scrolling around enjoying your writing. I signed up for email updates and I know I’ll be spending time poking around here as often as possible. It’s been enjoying my browsing. See you soon!


    • Welcome to my blog, Patti! Big fan of LifeAfterTampons.com myself… Jennifer is creating a magical world for us middle-agers isn’t she. I’m glad you’re enjoying your reading here too! I don’t post often, but now and then something or some thought makes me do it.


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