lunar meditation

The moon is a character in my life. I watch its seasons and paths drift past my corner-bedroom windows; they are a framework for all its phases, colors, and beauty. I feel its force on my body, emotions, and mind. Yes, I do. When our sky is cloudy, I’m happier when I can see the glow of lunar presence above the veil. I watch the planets dance closer and further from the moon as the year passes. I miss seeing it when it’s New Moon, and I’m thrilled when the sky is clear enough that we can see the dark side dimly lit. I patiently wait during the times of year when the moon rises later than my bedtime, and/or behind the building where I live. When I’m overnighting away from home, I seek the moon in the sky, and think of my position relative to the moon’s current position and relate it the orientation of my bedroom.

This video is beautiful. I can’t say it better, so I’ll quote my friend Don, who posted this on his Facebook page:

“I love this reminder that we’re all standing on the same rock, apparently hurtling through space yet drifting along with the moon circling gently around us.”


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