a bit more ready for emergencies….

We have just finished kitting ourselves out with 3-day emergency kits. Feels good because I feel like we’re a little more prepared for earthquake or other disaster emergencies. It has taken me years to get committed enough to actually gather what was needed. Finally, I decided to take it seriously and DO it!

We started with two 1-person kits from this online-order place: 72hrs. We did this mainly because we wanted a supply of emergency food and water in concentrated, small packets. We also referred to Red Cross’s list of suggestions.

We have one kit for home, in the closet right by the front door. The other kit is in the trunk of the car. EACH of our 2 kit-bags includes:
* 12 litres of water (enough for 3 days per person); 5 year shelf life
* packs of 3600-calorie food ration (2 days per person); 5 year shelf life
* LED flashlight + 1 set of batteries
* battery-operated am/fm radio/flashlight + 2 sets of batteries
* candles, matches
* first-aid kit
* knife (multi-tool)
* whistle
* hooded rain poncho
* toilet paper, kleenex packs, antiseptic wipes
* eyedrops; lip balm
* N95 face masks
* warm, dry clothing (just sox and mitts/gloves in the bag for the car)
* cash in small bills ($50 in each bag)
* Extra Large Golden Mylar Blanket: (The 72HRS emergency blanket is big enough to wrap two people. It can also be used as a water proof barrier. It traps up to 90% body heat allowing an individual to stay warm in cold temperatures. The gold color of the blanket is used as an emergency signaling device.)
* cat food & litter
* essential medications for both of us
* phone contact list
* other special-needs items

AT HOME EMERGENCY SUPPLIES (in case we get to stay home during a disaster)
* one of the above bag-kits
* big water-cooler-type jug of water
* propane cooking device (BBQ)
* canned food; manual can opener

* water purification tablets
* generator (for on our deck)
* propane heater (for in the condo)
* big rolls of plastic and tape for covering our big window openings if the windows shatter/break in an earthquake


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