DrawSomething! notes from an addict

Just a couple of weeks ago, my step-daughter suggested I get the app DrawSomething. A short time later, I was an addict.

I check my app in the morning, in the afternoon, at night before bed. Why? It’s such interactive fun with my peeps!

Today’s local paper has an article that says it’s a viral hit and over 13 million people are playing it already and it’s topped the chart of free apps in iTunes and it’s the #1 word game in more than 80 countries.

You don’t have to have ANY drawing skills to use this. Part of the fun is watching myself and others try to draw whatever will elicit a guess at the word being drawn. Sometimes it’s the most terrible, stick-figure, hilarious attempts at drawing reality that give the best clues.

If you’re old enough to remember those long evenings enjoying a group game of Pictionary, you’ll understand. If you’re not, give DrawSomething a try and you’ll definitely understand within minutes.

But! Once again, my warning: It’s addictive, so don’t try it unless you have time for it!



2 thoughts on “DrawSomething! notes from an addict

  1. Okay, love. I trust you THAT much. I downloaded my copy. But don’t blame me if I get so hooked to that I’m not writing any more. !!!!


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