resisting fitness activity? read this! (note to self)

Today is Day 4 of participating in this 21-day fitness challenge.

I’m fully appreciating the main/major benefit I’m getting — the amazing mood lift!

fitness dance

By the end of Day 2, I noticed that my whole outlook each day is so much improved, lighter, happier, more energetic. I want to eat better, do more. I feel more creative, inspired, planning new art-craft projects, etc. I am absolutely in a better mood all the time.

I’m more open to making other plans, other commitments, even when they’re nothing to do with fitness. (But I guess they are, really — they’re all about fitness-of-Kate’s-inner-self.) Yesterday, I found myself making no less than 3 suggestions to my partner about active things I want to do with him—including 2 fly-fishing classes.

I had an insight yesterday. Many years ago I officially gave up procrastinating, very successfully. Doing so changed my life. Only after giving it up did I realize that procrastination had been taking up an enormous amount of my energy, emotion, resistance, avoidance, you name it. I always had kind of a low-level tension, that something’s-not-done feeling. OK, back to the present…. I absolutely know, intellectually at least, that keeping fit helps one’s mood and spirit. And I’ve felt it, of course, whenever I’ve done something active. But I forget to remember that feeling from one time to the next. I forget that I have that easy route to a lifted mood and brighter energy.

So yesterday, my insight was comparing procrastination to my laziness about fitness. Procrastination was nothing more than avoiding doing stuff I knew had to be done, even stuff I *wanted* to do. My laziness about keeping fit has been very much like procrastination in its effects on me. (Duh—why didn’t I see this before?!)

Making this 21-day commitment has changed the landscape of how I approach all activity, everything I do and think and how I feel during the rest of the day. I guess my mind, emotions, and body all know that it’s inevitable—that I WILL be keeping active, no question, so what’s the point of resisting. As they say, “Resistance is futile.” :cool:

AND I also realized that I will be remaining on this endorphin high for the rest of the challenge. (Yay!)

It’s a done deal, and everything in me has already made the adjustment. Not just my body, but also my mind, mood, emotions, etc. have already switched over to acceptance rather than resistance. So voila! I’ve let go of the bad energy that comes with resistance.

Happy days!

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