watch this video = auto-donation for cancer research

For each hit watching this 5-minute video on YouTube, Medicom will make a donation to support advances in cancer research at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


This video was produced by the Research Centre Staff! The 3 older gentleman dancing together are 3 of the most internationally renowned cancer researchers in the world. The individual in the leather jacket is the head of the research center at McGill.

Watch! It’s fun! Use the link info below, and when you watch, you automatically donate to cancer research! I didn’t embed the video because if you watched it here, it wouldn’t add to the hit counts or the resulting donations. So… here’s my alternative way of leading you to the video:

1. Go to

2. Copy and paste the following into your browser’s address bar at the end of the URL above:


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