my fraxel treatment

Have you ever wondered about getting a laser treatment on your face to repair sun damage and get rid of those brown spots?

Well I’ve found out that yes, you can repair sun damage pretty successfully. I’m not talking about the many creams on the market that claim to fade them (or the many brands who got lots of my money because I believed their claims). I’m talking about Fraxel laser treatment.

After years of trying various face-creams, I finally decided to go to a Vancouver dermatologist and ask about getting my facial sun damage repaired. I found Dr. Jason Rivers, who’s a specialist in this kind of thing. I had an initial appointment with him, got all my questions answered, saw some example before and after photos, and booked my treatment.

Below are my before-n-after photos.




4 thoughts on “my fraxel treatment

  1. I have done 5 Fraxel restore proceedures; am healing right now for one 2 days ago. In my case I am correcting skin tone, minor sun damage, and a few acne scars. You have to completely avoid the sun for at least 3 months. Also, multiple procedures are needed for all but the lightest damage


  2. Thanks for your feedback, Allan. So both of us are healing; my 2nd treatment was 3 days ago. I think I could have stopped at 1 treatment because my skin looked awesome. But I wanted to tackle those few leftover brown spots. Then I’m done. Ya, staying out of the sun — for me it will be forever rather than 3 months. My bottle of #60 SPF is my new best buddy. And hats, and shade trees, etc.


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