i gave my heart

This is a great campaign! If you live in British Columbia, Canada, please participate. May is Organ Donor awareness month. Even if you’re not from BC, please find out how to register as an Organ Donor wherever you live!

I’m happy to do my bit by

  • making this blog post,
  • joining the Live Life, Pass It On media campaign, and
  • changing my Facebook profile photo using the “I Gave My Heart” application. Here’s what mine looks like:


Here’s what YOU can do!

  • Please “like” this Facebook page (BC Transplant).
  • Then on the left, click “I Gave My Heart” to make your own customized profile pic.
  • Then display that photo for the month of May.

And don’t forget the most important thing of all — register as an Organ Donor. Here’s the BC Transplant Society’s page about it, with info how to register. If you think you might already be registered, that page has a quick-n-handy link to check on that. Here’s the report I got when I used that link:


So here’s the plan, folks:



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