artist’s block! please help!

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” ~ Emile Zola

That’s what I was afraid of, LOL.

I’m having a creative/artistic dry spell. What’s the equivalent of a writer’s block for artists? I usually solve this problem by taking a class — the weekly homework obligations get me going again. But I can’t find a class that grabs me right now. Nothing in art, nothing in crafts, nothing in photography, nothing in writing. This is a serious block. Need to figure out how to crack it. How, without a single cell of creative urge running through my veins?

One problem I have is that I like to finish things before I start new things. I’ve had this one canvas sitting unfinished for nearly a year now. I suppose it initiated the block. I have no idea what to do with it.


or maybe it’s….


or maybe it’s actually how I originally painted it…


Kind of like a blank canvas but not quite. The original idea when I began it no longer interests me. What do you think? What does this unfinished masterpiece (LOL 😉 make you think of? What should I do with it? Should I just gesso it over and start from scratch? Or what? 

Inspire me, please inspire me!

Also, I’d sure welcome any ideas for how to get out of this artist’s block!


3 thoughts on “artist’s block! please help!

  1. First photo: Headlights in a snow storm on a dark roadSecond photo: Illuminated wall on a dark nightThird photo: Illuminated wall at door to a dark room


  2. Well thanks, but which way up?I’m going to add to it sometime this summer. I’ve got some ideas brewing. So the block is dissolving. But slowly.


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