annual leaf-crunching hike

Leaf-crunching. It’s part of not growing up. (I refuse to grow up.)

What big leaves we have here!I love autumn. I love the colors, the smells, the sounds, all of it. I love the crunching sound when I walk over/on/in fallen and dried autumn leaves. So every year I devote at least one day completely to experiencing autumn with all the senses. Whenever I’ve lived in a home with a yard, I’ve really enjoyed raking leaves. Then un-raking them by jumping and playing in the piles, throwing them about, rolling in them.

But sigh, I live in the concrete jungle now. So I follow a tradition I started 40 years ago — the walk in the woods. It has to be mainly deciduous, of course. Here on the BC coast of Canada, there are a lot of evergreens in the woods, so it takes some research to find the right place. Each year I try to find someplace I’ve never leaf-crunched before.

So glad to be alive in autumn!

Yesterday it was Wm. Griffin Park for a lovely walk along Mosquito Creek. It’s right in the city, but you’d never know it. It’s huge enough that you don’t even hear city sounds, just the splash of the fairly big creek that’s currently running quite rapidly down the hillside terrain.

It was a glorious autumn day, sunshine, warm enough for shirtsleeves. The earth smells were especially rich from the recent rainy days. It makes me so happy to be alive!



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