focus: a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction

I’ve been SIMPLIFYING my life. It’s working out really well. A great retirement-startup project!

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits just published this new book. Thanks, Leo! It’s cool when we find something that exactly addresses our current focus/mindset.

Check out the table of contents, then you’ll know if you want to read it. If you do, it’s in public domain—the author says anybody can save a copy and offer it on their own blog. So here you are: FREE 27-chapter download version (click the image):


The sections I’ve read so far are grrrrrreat (very useful)! The best thing is, his first two sections covering the “how-to” of simplifying one’s digital/computer life, I’ve already been doing for over a year. Nice to have my actions validated and condensed like this into one book and recommended by somebody.

{Just this weekend I did what I figure was the hardest step toward simplifying my online/computer life. I removed all my Facebook contacts except family members. (Still 20 contacts this way, but with WAY fewer updates.) First I told each of my “real” friends I was about to do it, explaining that it wasn’t about them or about anything bad, and most of them replied that they understand completely. We can keep up by email instead.}

I confirm the author’s claim that simplifying is extremely beneficial. After my 15 years of spending 6-8 hours online outside of my regular work hours, I have now discovered there IS life beyond the screen. Amazing!

My new focus: Creative endeavors. Specifically, my arts and crafts (linking to my new show-n-tell gallery, which I gathered there for self-encouragement to get back to doing this stuff.)


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