DAY 18: my inspirational environment

Today’s assignment for the 30DLBL project is to create an inspirational room in our homes. I’ve actually tried to make every room in our small condo inspirational, have worked at it over the years. I’ve painted all the walls myself, lots of color and atmosphere. I hang my own art and photographs around the house and my crafts are displayed here and there too.

Two shots of the living area with my art on the walls:


My art room is a bright, colorful, fun place to work. It’s surrounded by sunny windows; you can see some of our deck outside in the first photo.


A tabletop fountain garden in my art room:


Outside we have a big terrace, so each year I create a different small garden with stones and potted plants.


In another area of the terrace we have a sitting area for reading and visiting under a big awning. We have a double hammock (in the foreground below, covered with a Mexican blanket). In the hammock, we rest, meditate, read, etc. and on summer nights we snuggle in it together and watch the stars and the satellites go by overhead.


Our bedroom is also my meditation room, quite often our reading room, a peaceful refuge for rest and play :). In various corners I have inspiring things, like my tibetan bowl, my fountain of crystals, art work, candles in my candleholder collection, various incense burners, music player with meditation-style music, ocean waves, etc. I also have 4 or 5 dreamcatchers hanging here and there, some of which I made.

My crystal fountain:


One big bedroom window faces the sunshine. There you can see my hanging crystals. Their rainbows dance around the walls. Right outside the window is my small rock & plants garden you saw above. Lights are woven through a surround of small trees, and they auto-light up when the sun sets, giving that window a whole different view at night.


Directly outside another bedroom window that’s ahead of us as we sit in bed, we’ve built a big “buddha fountain” on the terrace. Flowing water comes out of a big rock and trickles down and over a platform of slate. The fountain is surrounded by potted plants and outdoor carpet. There’s a rope light around the inside of the fountain framework, so at night the rocks and water are lit up. It’s a beautiful, meditative view when it gets dark out and we turn off our bedroom lights.


Here’s the view of the above fountain looking out the window from where I sit in bed.


AND….. saving the best for last….. outside every window we can see amazing views out over our favorite city in the world, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our views look south and west and northwest. Best of all are the hundreds of sunsets we get to see every year.



So in terms of today’s assignment, every room in our condo is “my inspiring room”, each with a different type of inspiration. Even my bathroom is inspirational. The walls and ceiling are pale green (a healing color), there’s a bamboo plant and photos/paintings of bamboo scenes. I have candles and an aromatherapy burner, and big luxurious bamboo towels. There’s a window right inside the bath/shower that opens to the outdoor terrace to let in the summer warmth and sunshine or the starry night sky.

The only place I have yet to make “inspiring” is my office/computer room. It’s very efficient and organized, though, and it’s just what I need for this kind of room. My desktop holds some favorite knick-knacks; inspirational quotes are stuck around my desk and shelves, and one of my boxes of inspirational-quotation cards sits handy, next to me. Seems good to me. When I look above my desk, several paintings of favorite far-away places take my eyes and my mind away for a rest now and then. And my favorite photo of me and my kids is up there too.


7 thoughts on “DAY 18: my inspirational environment

  1. Dear Kate, your house is fabulous! Lots of creative energy coming out of every piece of furniture. Your crystal fountain is amazing! Does it have water? Why is it misty? I’m curious =)


  2. Thanks for the kudos, everybody. I’m so glad you liked your visit to my home!Miss Guimba, it’s got a misting fountain thingie in the bowl, I think it’s called an ultrasonic mister. Like an electric little motor that vibrates a disk, somehow turning the water into mist and also pushing it up like a fountain. You can see one working here:


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