DAY 7: Turn a GOAL into an ACTION PLAN

Today’s project and assignment for 30DLBL is picking one of my goals and making an Action Plan for it.

Today I’m going to tackle the FITNESS thing. I mentioned it in my Day 1 musings:

When I think about increasing CREATIVITY this month, I get excited. When I think about increasing FITNESS activity this month, I get a knot in my belly. I resist.

Since then, I’ve really zoomed ahead with Creativity, but the F-word, not so much. I’m still feeling that knot of resistance. I’m good at justifying, giving myself a break, making up all sorts of “reasons” (excuses!) for not doing a fitness thing each day. Whaddup?

This is what’s true for me today:
> I want to increase my fitness level
> Some days I really go for it
> Some days I really resist it: (Stick to a fitness program? Stick to an action plan about it? That feels like a threat to me, not an action plan.) Whoa, such resistance!

Musings about my resistance:

  • Lightbulb #1 for today. One reason I retired was that I no longer wanted anybody else to be in control of my time or my life. I plan to live the rest of my life in the NOW….. expectations from others were removing some of my ability to live in the moment. So anyway, along the same lines, if I set myself up with an obligation to do something fitness-oriented every day, I’m setting obligations on my time. Somebody is controlling me and my time. Ya, that somebody is Me, but still.
  • Lightbulb #2. Apparently, I don’t mind saying I’m going to do something creative every day. So what’s with not liking to say the same thing about something fitness oriented??? I happily made an affirmation about creativity for this month. I know affirmations are my best way to “change my mind” (transform my thinking). What’s clear today is that I need to “change my mind” about how I view fitness activities. So today I’m catching myself in my own resistance.

Today I’m making an affirmation about fitness!
(like, duh!)
> (why didn’t I think of this earlier? oh, I’ve been so good at resisting this!)
> (so transform THAT thought, too, Kate!, like, “I have absolutely no resistance to getting active and fit.”)

My Affirmation:

I regularly enjoy physical activity
and my body is strong and healthy.



I like Celes’s idea of creating a code-word for a goal and its action plan. To figure that out, I’m thinking:
> I’m hereby going to think of Fitness activities as Fun.
> For Fitness, I’ll do Fun stuff.
> I’m taking the F from fitness and giving it over to F for FUN.

So, my code-word ideas:
> F-word (formerly F for Fitness, now F for Fun!)
> FOK (Fit Old Kate?) (or Funny Old Kate?) (or Fun! OK, Kate?)

I guess the FOK = Fun! OK, Kate? is best.
> It’s the most fun.It’s the most uplifting, the most positive.
> When I get frustrated with myself and/or notice resistance, I can say to self, FOK that!
> (So it kind of includes the F-word idea too, which I like because it has a certain strength and heads-up quality.)

NOW…… on with my FOK Action Plan!

I’m using Celes’s method page as a guide to creating my FOK Action Plan, as follows.

GOAL: To make fitness activities an enjoyable constant in my life.

MY IDEAL: Fitness activities are an enjoyable constant in my life.


  • I refuse to particpate in the myth of age=deteriorating body.
  • To get back to where doing something physical doesn’t make my body hurt for a day after it.
  • To maintain my excellent health.
  • To become stronger.
  • To enjoy using my body as much as I enjoy using my mind, my creativity, my computer, etc.
  • Simply, to completely enjoy being very active.


  • Today I’m adding my FOK affirmation to my computer desktop image.
  • Today I’m adding “Review and Evaluate FOK” to my Calendar as a recurring Saturday reminder.
  • This week I’m doing something physical-FOK 3 times.
  • On Saturday, I’m reviewing and evaluating my progress.
  • Next week I’m doing something FOK 4 times. On Saturday, I’m reviewing and evaluating my progress.

After that:

  • Every day, I’m reading my FOK affirmation.
  • Every Saturday, I’m reviewing and evaluating my progress.
  • I’m continuing with the 4-times-a-week FOK activity schedule.
  • I’m seeking and trying physical activities that I don’t normally do.
  • As I get stronger, I’m regularly seeking out FOK activities that have an increased physical challenge for me.

OBSTACLE: The weather, mostly. My favorite activity right now is walking. Walking is definitely FOK already. However, when it rains, I don’t go out for my walk.

STRATEGIES to address the above obstacle:

On a rainy day, or whenever my resistance rears up, I will:

  • Dig
    out this worksheet and re-read it!
  • Accept no excuses, rationalizations, laziness, or giving-self-a-break thoughts.
  • Ask a buddy for help: “Will you do something active with me today?”
  • Be creative about alternatives, such as:

> Use the treadmill in the gym in my building.
> Use the opportunity to do some weights in the gym instead of the walking.
> If it’s Wednesday or Friday, go to the class I like at the nearby community center.
> Ask my invited help-buddy to pick an activity and then go do it with him/her.


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