DAY 5: My Goals

I’m on top of goal setting! I’ve lived by specific goals all my life. I’ve done this 5-year, 3-year, 1-year goal-setting activity over and over again. So I don’t need to do today’s homework.

Now, at this time of my life, my primary goal is to live in the present tense. To enjoy NOW to the fullest. Yes, I do find it enjoyable to have something planned for the near future (a holiday, a trip, a class I’ve signed up for, an event I plan to attend, a get-together with a friend, etc.). While these and longer-term plans do help to give form to my days, weeks, and months, I also know that, for me, long-term goal setting is no longer necessary for me to live happily in a high-quality life.


I can achieve all I want to achieve by living in the moment, fully. Doing that isn’t easy, so I’m working on getting good at it. So if I write this up as my goal-plan as Celes defines the process in her blog posts, here’s my chart. The first row defines my life goal and breaks it down into the shorter term goals. The second is me working on my September affirmation about creativity (defined in my Day 1 blog post) and projecting it into the 5-year future.


OK, so I did today’s homework after all. Sheesh! I’m pretty much addicted to self-development, that’s all there is to it.


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