Day 5: My Values

DAY 5 of the 30DLBL project (“Live A Better Life in 30 Days”) is for defining our values. I think our core values change over time. I don’t have a long list of personal values these days. Since “Life’s Too Short for [fill in the blank with whatever]” has started to become significant because of my age, this same thought has helped me narrow down and highlight what’s most important to me. I have also come to recognize that the items on my list of values will keep changing. New values may develop, previous ones may disappear, and the order of priority will change.

When I wrote my list, I included definitions under each main word so that I can remain clear on how I want to live out each value.

1. Truth. This includes:

  • honesty in all my words
  • integrity in all my actions
  • openness in all my relationships
  • requesting & expecting truth from people I have relationships with
  • being genuinely ME in all circumstances. Ancillary to this is to cease worrying about what other people think of me (that’s the hard one).

2. Joy. This includes:

  • Having fun whenever possible.
  • Being silly whenever possible.
  • Being happy.
  • Savoring life.
  • Approaching everything with zest, with enthusiasm.

 3. Lifelong learning. This includes:

  • always studying something new
  • being open in mind and in heart, accept the new, the different, the weird & wonderful
  • accepting personal challenges from time to time in order to expand my learning about myself
  • Curiosity. This includes:
    • seeking new answers
    • seeking new questions
    • listening to what’s important to other people

 4. Peace. This includes:

  • seeking harmony
  • seeking tranquility
  • helping others seek their own peace & tranquility
  • non-violence
  • respect for all life

 5. Being ethical. This includes:

  • striving to be the best I can be in all I do
  • striving to set an example for others
  • obeying my conscience
  • honoring other people’s higher values and dreams
  • helping to preserve mother earth’s gifts
  • living according to all aspects of my #1 value: truth

Here’s my map of my current core values:


4 thoughts on “Day 5: My Values

  1. oohhh that’s great!!! I love your values, and how you broke them down into pieces to describe how to adhere to them. 🙂 And of course the pretty picture! Yay star! *****p.s. I might steal the lifelong learning one… I love that. I never thought of it as a value before, but you’re right!


  2. Thanks for the great feedback, you guys! I really appreciate it. Yes, Daphne, LL is an awesome value+goal. When I was teaching in Adult Ed (former dropouts returning to get hi-school grad), I saw the big difference in people when we introduced the LL idea to them. It helped them move past the idea that they were just here for the short term, the diploma, and many started seeing the program as the first step in a new path, new directions in their lives.


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