My Vision Board of my Ideal Life

It’s DAY 3 of the 30DLBL project (“Live A Better Life in 30 Days”). Today we (the 1000+ people doing it) are creating a “Vision Board” — a collage of “your biggest, boldest, grandest vision… it contains your dreams, your passions, your hopes, your visions of the future.”

Here’s my Vision Board.


What’s the best thing about it? It’s all true! Today! My Vision Board collage is made of photos of my life. I can honestly say I’m living my ideal life, as envisioned through the years I’ve been involved in self-development. We used to call ourselves “new age” and this kind of work was called “create your own reality”. Whatever. It works.

My process now is to continue to maintain my ideal life and ALSO to explore/develop ways to continue enhancing it. That’s why I’m here, doing this 30DLBL project.

My motivation for signing on was to kick my creativity-butt into gear; it’s been having a long dry spell. And yee-haw, it’s working already! I’ve begun a new project, bought a new inspiring art book, and today’s Vision Board project got me back into using my computer graphics program. All’s good! Here’s a screen-grab of my current computer’s desktop. It’s one of my own flower photographs and my affirmation for September, made to go along with this 30DLBL project


And here’s an ongoing affirmation I use. You’ve all heard of “Carpe Diem“, so you’ll know why I fell in love with this image in a newspaper a long time ago. I love this old guy. I love the expansion of the saying. (Thanks! to whoever was the original artist.) It’s been on my wall disintegrating, so I finally scanned it to preserve it. Please save a copy and enjoy!


One thought on “My Vision Board of my Ideal Life

  1. Kate,I love your vision board. It really shows your creative and artistic talents.Thanks for your excellent suggestion to my mission statement. I changed it to: To live an authentic and purposeful life.Qin


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