the rear view mirror


Yup, retirement is certainly proving to be a great b’day present to self. I’m enjoying it enormously. Have pretty much gotten over the “I’m bored, what should I do?” stage already. Ian, my partner, calls that the decompression stage of retiring. (SCUBA diver talk.)
But anyway, it’s so great to officially not have anything to do, to be able to flow from one activity to another willy-nilly, doing just whatever as it occurs to me. What kind of a life is that! Unimaginable, prior to having it. Pretty awesome.
Turns out, retirement isn’t about having nothing to do.??I’m mostly doing something all the time. But now there are no shoulds or have-tos, and now there’s no schedule. Daily life has become a flow of spontaneous activity. I even leave tasks unfinished, to return to later! (or not!)
Trouble is, when I do schedule some activity or another that has a certain time to do it and a certain place… it feels intrusive. Nevertheless, I’ve decided that I need to have some scheduled days, just to tune-up my feelings of appreciation for the days when there’s nothing I have to do. And appreciation for the willy-nilly flow of unscheduled life.
So maybe a better way to think of retirement, instead of “having nothing to do”, is “not having to do anything”.
And: “life, unscheduled“.

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