which blogging platform?

Help! I need some feedback: WordPress or Blogger or Posterous????

Do you have an opinion? A favorite platform among those (and some good reasons for your preference)?

I think I might start blogging regularly again. I enjoyed creating my recent travelogue blog and I also enjoyed the feedback. So I’ve begun weighing which blogging platform to use regularly. I have blogger.com blogs, a wordpress blog, and a posterous blog. I like them all for different reasons.
But I want to narrow things down to just one location as I move forward into a simpler blogging life. My preferences for online activity have changed so much over the last 2 years. Retirement does wonders to the mind. For me, for now, KISS is the rule in everything. Keep It Simple, Silly.

Please read the rest of this post and give me some feedback?
For??WordPress, I took a mini-course in how to set it up and manage it.??Now I can do it all, I have the expertise, but it’s tediously not-simple. The last few times I worked in WordPress, I was asking myself why I was bothering with it. My WordPress blog looks very professional, but I’ve come to a place where, um, who cares. Casual and simple is just fine for me now.
Blogger does and has everything I need, really. Blogger is??where I cut my blogging teeth back when it first came out. Blogger is simple for me because I know all its ins and outs, including customizing my templates. I see it even allows for email posting now (my all-time favorite feature of Posterous). Posting by email: so sweet, that’s what I’m doing right now. So why not just use it and stop the debate about the other two? I don’t know, but something……
Posterous, I’ve loved it since the day the guys put it out and I??rushed to set up my blog here. It was entirely lacking in features back then (which was actually the best feature about it!). Since then,??the guys just keep adding more abilities, always considering blogger needs above all. So I’m thinking Posterous is the way to go for my renewed thrust into blogging. At the same time, I do love tweaking and mucking with HTML from time to time. Can’t do much of that with Posterous. I also love adding gadgets to a blog site, some for me, some for my readers. Can’t do that with Posterous. But I do love my Posterous for its simplicity.
All three platforms allow me to put my blog into a custom domain. I want to do that. Currently, my WordPress blog is the only one at my home/domain website. But I could do that with Blogger or Posterous with a little fiddling.
Funny, there isn’t a whole lot of comparison commentary in cyberspace. I did find this one article very helpful because it’s fairly thorough and entirely unbiased.
This other short article is somebody else debating which to use.


This person, and most others who have posted about their own “which platform” debate, come down on the side of keeping and/or using them all and cross-posting. I don’t get the real point of that, other than trying to keep established followers who have the URL of??our existing blogs. But there again, I’ve gotten like, um, who cares, they’ll find me if they need me. I’ve mostly become detached from the need to have thousands of readers. Those who care will still read me. Oh, and of course I can put a post on my other blogs telling people they need to change their bookmark(s) to my blatherings.
So anyway, I don’t yet know where I’ll end up doing the bulk of my posting. (If I even DO start doing more posting!)??(Maybe I’ll get back to twitter someday soon too?)
Stay tuned. All feedback and opinions on this topic will be MOST welcome! Also, please post any links to articles that discuss the same debate.
[I’m posting this via email to Posterous, which is cross-posting to my WordPress blog, to twitter, and to??facebook.]

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