Writing Maniac

writingmaniac_sherryfitchWriting Maniac, by Sheree Fitch

Writing Maniac: How I Grew Up to be a Writer (and You Can, Too!)

After reading Kiss the Joy as it Flies (Ms. Fitch’s first book for adults), I had to read more of her stories. She mostly writes for children and young adults. This one stood out because I’ve been looking for somebody who gives creative-style writers’ workshops. I’m so happy I discovered this book — it’s a writing workshop for youth. Youth of ALL ages, apparently! (I’ve never grown up, still enjoying my youth at age 60.) I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful, full of writing ideas, ways to think and listen and watch the world every day, every minute, and then write about it. What I learned is that everything counts as something when it comes to getting going as a writer. I also learned that I am a Writing Maniac already; I just need to learn more about making stories appear on the page. I recommend this for non-grownups of all ages who wish they could write. Well, OK, you grownups will enjoy it too.


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