a piece of my past

What a blast! I’m in the process of retiring from my Educators’ Resources blog. So that the resources aren’t lost to my subscribers and site visitors, I’m passing the whole blog on to a colleague, Sylvia Currie. Sylvia’s first post to the blog reviews a bit of our history. I had forgotten all the details of the online seminar in which we met, but Sylvia has posted some specific quotes from me. Wow, is it Very Strange to read myself from way back then when I was the anonymous “PinkFlamingo”.PinkFlamingo

  • new to the concept of virtual education and online learning, taking a seminar to find out what it was all about
  • new to being an online presence/voice
  • testing the waters with a (slightly strange) online persona & handle: PinkFlamingo.

Here’s what I just wrote to Sylvia in response to her post:

It was interesting to read what I’d written, because of course I have completely forgotten all the details. I was such an online newbie back then, but already showing what was to become of my online style — in person, an extremely shy and quiet person; online, a loud-mouth, opinionated, no-holdbacks blabbermouth. Too funny to see the beginnings of all that right there in print. It’s like peeking into a personal diary of some kind. Yikes.

I guess it’s a personal history lesson. It also confirms what we’re all warned about — taking care about who we are and what we do online. Whatever we do, write, post, are, or become, it all goes on record. It becomes history, like it or not. A lesson in taking care of ourselves and our profile at all times.


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