the 1 million buzz

twitterWhat’s it all about, tweetie bird?

Yesterday the twittersphere was all a-buzz about the first person to reach 1 million followers — Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) won the competition with CNN (@cnnbrk ). Today the global media is all over it. The best part: Kutcher, CNN, and Oprah have all pledged to donate thousands of mosquito nets to fight the spread of malaria.

Something else that impressed me about the whole event: the global community aspect! Where else, even on the internet, can you experience millions of people all chatting live, together, in the same interface, at the same time, about the same thing?! We have so many ways to communicate with others around the globe, but twitter is clearly unique in this way.

Looking at twittervision 3D is like watching the earth talk to itself in non sequitors. Yesterday, though, the earth was united in its tweet-topic. Talk about a global party line! Makes me know that tweeps can make a difference, can make change happen, if we all get together and talk about it. Er, tweet about it.


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