ageism? or not?

On Global news last nite they reported that the current provincial election campaign is using social networking to reach young people.The Vancouver Sun, too:

“But it???s all about finding new ways to discover those people and contact them. You have tools now like Facebook and websites. When you go on the B.C. Liberals??? campaign websites, there are links to Twitter and YouTube, and it asks volunteers to become a ‘digital activist.'”

And the Province:

“Taking a page out of the Obama campaign, the B.C. Liberals are launching a digital hub in a bid to reach out to the ???next generation??? of voters.”

I’m a 60 yr old who is deep into digital media and knows many others of my age group who are, so my gut reaction was that this is all sounding a little ageist. Why is using social media about young people? Haven’t they all seen the recent reports that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55??BUT! Then I got to thinking, maybe it’s me who is being ageist thinking these reports are ageist. I need to remember that age 60 IS young these days. I’m young. So ya, BC Liberals and all you reporting media, we young folks are appreciating that you’re finally getting in touch with us where we live.Eric Rolfsen, our local news guy who’s Canada’s finalist for The Best Job In The World (you go, Eric!) says,

“The Liberals had the right idea by bringing social media into the campaign, and to be honest their so-called ‘Open Platform‘ isn???t a bad piece of work. It just needs some real people on it.”

Here I am, Eric, and I’m real. And I’m following @g_campbell. And I’m young.


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