why I’m a fan after 1 week trial of twitter

I avoided Twitter. Already updated status on Facebook, why bother. But last week I signed up; needed to know why it’s “the fastest growing social network….” blahblah

Twitter is so NOT just about social networking. It’s my new learning medium. Twitter is a microcosm of the wider virtual world, only everything’s condensed, from message to URLs to writing style. Cleverness and word-creativity abounds with the 140 character limit.

I have learned a huge variety of things on my flights around the twitter world, starting with, of course, how to have fun and learn in the world of twitter. How huge it is. How it’s being used and by whom, from high end business execs to higher education instructors as part of their communication in courses to marketing people (including twitterspam) to governments and politicians to artists and writers and….and on and on.

A large number of software applications surround Twitter. The best are my desktop applications (twhirl and tweetdeck). There are ways to join groups, have group discussions, post photos, audio, video. Adopt a seasoned user as a mentor to help your learning-about-twitter curve.

At first it’s about the art of selecting people to “follow”. (Mr. Tweet is a great help for this.) Then it’s about actually “following”: reading their tweets and going where they link you. If you follow where they lead, you discover a range of new things. Like:
OK, you have an idea now.

Join me on twitter @skyhome because tweets enrich my day & open up my home-based freelancing world to the water cooler part of the workplace.


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