All The People That You Are

I do like this illustration of right brain, left brain traits. Even more, I enjoyed reading this short interview entitled All The People That You Are. Rita Carter discusses “multiplicity” – “each one of us has several personalities”.

Better yet, she explains “mirror neurons” — I’d suggest it’s one of the best reasons I’ve seen to date for f2f (face to face) contact being better than a social life that’s mainly online (like mine). Here’s the part I got that idea from: “This automatic mimicry (and empathy) helps to “clone” one person’s personality in the mind of another. Children, for example, inevitably “internalize” the opinions and attitudes of their parents or main caretakers and these form the seeds of a personality. In later life we use mirror neurons to emulate those we admire, or just passively absorb personality traits of those around us. Personalities learnt by mimicry and empathy may in time be pushed aside by new ones, but they are rarely forgotten entirely, and may remain in a person as a “minor” for life.”

Click and read. Very interesting!


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