are you shy? know what I mean?

I pretty much live at my computer and online. In “real life” (I dispute the meaning of that term BTW, so let’s instead say, in the world of face-to-face), I continue to let my social shyness rule, thus my ongoing avoidance of calling up people from my past. What’s up with that?

Anyway, now I’m hoping I’m taking a step in the right direction. I hardly ever make “new year’s resolutions”. So when I do, they usually work. One year it was to never procrastinate again. THAT was a success; it stuck; it has truly changed my life. This year’s resolution was to get it touch with a few people from my past, people I truly liked, loved, enjoyed being with, but have drifted away from. But I still miss them a lot. People who, when I think about them and their place in my past, I get a flutter of excitement. And want to see them again.

I guess when we get “old” we get to realize better who really matters among those in our history. There’s no good excuse for not doing something about this, so here I am, trying to stop leaning on my shyness crutch. Screwing up the courage; I know, that’s truly weird, but hey, that’s me.

(The image here is a collage I made one week when I was working on freeing my “self”, letting the inner me become the outer me…..)

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