You know it: “Keep It Simple Stupid”

My focus these days is on “Will it simplify my life?” It especially helps with consumer decisions. But also in most other things.

Today I unsubscribed from 2 mailing lists that were getting pretty immaterial and annoying. I’m going to do that more often. I read way too much email. Simplify my computer life.

Reminds me of the book I read about 10 years ago about de-cluttering one’s life. That was all about the stuff surrounding me. What a great change it made, reading that and doing something about it. I’ll have to ask Dawna, who loaned me the book, what the name/author was and post it here.
Addendum later: Don Aslett, Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time To De-Junk Your Life
Anyway, now I’m not only decluttering the “stuff” again, but also simplifying ….my days, my computer work, my mind. Feels great.

Here’s Ritzy, my plugged-in cat.


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