Excellent, online learning — tons of topics! DISCOUNT code here

Where can you take a 6 week course for $25? [AND I have a discount deal to offer you at the end of this!]

I’ve been a student at LVS Online for about 20 different courses. They have a wide range of topics to choose from, like a community center kind of thing. The instructors are knowledgeable and really friendly. The way it works is:
– On Saturday (for 6 weeks in a row) a new lesson is posted online, along with homework assignments.
– The homework is about 2 – 4 hours a week. There’s no deadlines, though; if you can’t get it done that week, it’s OK to relax and enjoy the process.
– When you’re done your homework, you “hand it in” — various classes have different ways you’d do this. They tell you how, so don’t worry about not knowing how to do things online.
– The “classroom” for each course is its own private discussion forum, where you can ask questions, chat with the instructor and/or fellow students, discuss each others’ work, etc. It’s fun!
– You can request to get a certificate at the end if you want, or just do it for fun and learning.

Warning! Once you start taking classes at LVS Online, you may not want to stop. I haven’t stopped yet after nearly 10 years. I’m signed up for the January session to take the “Artist’s Workshop” course. Returning students only pay $20 a course.

Here’s the discount code to get a 20% discount if you’re a new student. When you register, use this code: JAN09  LVS says: “Registration ends January 7th. However, we have a 2 week late registration period and the coupon code expires January 21st.”

At least check out their huge list of courses at http://www.lvsonline.com/schedule.shtml

Hope you enjoy it! If you want to ask any questions by posting comments, I could try to answer.

January registration is now open
Classrooms open Jan. 5 2009
Registration closes Jan. 7, 2009
First lesson posts Jan. 10, 2009

Oh ya, it would be great if you give them my name (Kate Britt) when you register. They have a system where you can earn certificates to take courses by referring new students to them. Thanks!


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