Stressed out? Then HUM!

The 7 fellas who hung with Snow White recommended “whistle while you work”. Well now it’s all about humming!
“Stressed out because you’ve got too much to do and too little time to do it? Dr. Amy Wechsler has a quick tip to help you make it through without getting fried.Hum. Yep, literally. Humming has been scientifically proved to boost nitric oxide (NO), a nifty little body gas that, in small doses, has a stress-reducing effect.

Whistle — Uh, Hum — While You Work

“All of us produce NO in our respiratory tract, according to Wechsler. But it’s produced most notably in the sinuses. Humming affects the airflow between the sinuses and the nasal cavity in a way that creates more NO, a gas that promotes wound healing, new collagen formation, and better blood flow in the skin. Seems those seven dwarves were nearly onto something — if they’d just tweaked their music-making advice a little.”
Here’s my snowy rose, who is humming away, adapting to its snowy blanket.

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